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    Jim Droske


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    Illinois Credit Services, Inc.

    16143 S. Lincoln Highway, Unit 201,
    Plainfield, Illinois 60544


    (630) 427-8500

    (630) 427-8501


    Credit Repair

    ILLINOIS CREDIT SERVICES, INC. specializes in repairing unverifiable bad credit.

    We work with mortgage brokers, realtors, and auto dealers to help their clients work towards a more accurate and healthy credit profile.     No matter what the reason, we welcome all consumers who have any inaccurate information reporting on any of the three credit bureaus...TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian.  

    We are Registered and Bonded in the State of Illinois as a Credit Repair Organization.

    We specialize in disputing for deletion or correction all forms of inaccurate negative information including:

    • Collections

    • Tax Liens

    • Late Payments

    • Bankruptcys

    • Judgments

    • Repossessions

    • Charge Offs

    • Identity Theft / Fraud

    • Inquiries and Incorrect Personal Information



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