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    Lisa Barram


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    • Certified Background Checked - as of 5/07/2019

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    Retirement Prosperity Group

    The Founders Building,
    580 Virginia Dr, Suite 310,
    Fort Washington, PA 19034



    (855) 723-3006

    (215) 528-1788

    Insurance and Financial Services

    Retirement Income Planning, LTC Strategies

    Lisa is an insurance and financial services professional who specializes in working with people planning for retirement or who are in the retirement phase of their lives, providing her clients with Wealth Preservation options, Tax Efficient Retirement Strategies; social security maximization, Income planning and New Long Term Care solutions. 

    As a mentor and national spokesperson for Life Care Funding and other programs, Lisa has built an online training portal for over 200 top financial & legal professionals around the country helping them educate clients on alternative solutions to traditional long-term care. Lisa also mentors financial professionals on how to build a business of transparency and the approach of educating versus selling: the principal belief being that a well-educated client is empowered to make his or her own decisions.

    Prior to this, Lisa worked many years in the non-profit sector.  Initially tutoring underprivileged women and youth, her work then evolved into pioneering new programs and partnering with national church groups, civic leaders and celebrities to open over 220 community literacy centers, after-school tutoring and education programs and other non-profits around the country. 

    After a family situation forced her to find out more about what financial professionals were doing for her family's retirement planning she transitioned from educating women and children to educating other financial professionals and retirees and pre-retirees about solutions to empower themselves and take control of their retirement. To be able to lead a life of independence and not leave a legacy of dependence.    

    Her mission is to bring real education to the financial services space so that every person has the opportunity to enjoy financial wellness in what should be the very best years of their lives – their retirement years.   

    Certified Background Checked
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