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    Dale L Tondryk

    Investor Coach

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    Tondryk Wealth Management

    17601 Hwy 7,
    Suite 100,
    Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345


    Financial Services

    Wealth Creation and Preservation


    Dale Tondryk grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota where he learned the value of family, leadership and commitment.  These values have been the core philosophy behind Dale’s professional success.  Dale has spent nearly three decades helping his clients discover and successfully apply methods about investing and wealth creation to help them achieve a life of wealth preservation and balance.

    Dale’s passion and unique ability is to simply explain and inspire people to get to the core of what really matters in their financial lives. 

    Dale helps lead people to financial freedom and greater peace of mind by increasing a client’s diversification, lowering their risk and increasing their expected rate of return.


    Southwest Minnesota State University--BS Hotel and Restaurant Management  



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