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    Craig Shepard

    Retirement Planning Specialist

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    Federal Retirement Solutions LLC

    550 Cochituate Road, Suite 25,
    East Wing, Floor 4,
    Framingham, MA 01701


    (800) 948-0039

    (978) 609-3900

    (413) 487-1802

    Insurance and Financial Services

    Guaranteed Income Planning

    Federal Retirement Solutions LLC is a company dedicated to helping working families create lifetime income streams and retirement portfolios; protecting their lifestyle and accounts more safely than they ever imagined possible, so that they may experience a worry-free retirement.  Our company is a retirement planning firm that specializes in principal protection and guaranteed lifetime income and cash flow strategies.  Our clients don’t lose money due to stock market fluctuations.  They enjoy a simple, yet powerful approach that protects hard-earned assets against market losses, while at the same time providing a consistent, reasonable rate of return.

     Craig Shepard, ChFEBC(sm), NSSA

    Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant 


    Craig holds a B.S. in Business Finance from Valparaiso University.  He has twenty-one years of experience in financial services with an emphasis on Retirement Income Planning.  A Fiduciary and an Investment Advisor Representative, Craig is Series 66, Life, Accident & Health insurance licensed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  Craig is also FedSmart™ trained and is a National Social Security Advisor.

    A native New Englander, Craig grew up in South Burlington Vermont and is a Massachusetts resident for the last 28 years.  Married for 24 years to his wife, Jerilyn, they live in Natick, Massachusetts – a short distance from their three grandsons: Jackson, Justin and Jordan.  As an enthusiastic outdoorsman and fisherman, when not working, Craig has been known to take the boys to remote wilds of New England in pursuit of Striped Bass, Maine Brooktrout and Atlantic Landlocked Salmon.


    Maximize Pension Income

    We take a deep dive look into of all your Social Security benefits along with any pension benefits that may be available. We specialize in pension maximization, specifically 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) Deferred Comp, IRA’s and Thrift Savings Plans (TSP) and will provide you with one-on-one guidance, including survival benefit strategies.

    Maximize Social Security Income

    The Program Operating Manual (POM) for Social Security is 20,000 pages thick with over 700 filing strategies available.  There are little known Social Security strategies that could apply and potentially add tens of thousands of dollars in benefits over your lifetime. Timing is everything.   If you don’t know how much money is available to you and when it’s available, let us help.  We’ll run a complimentary strategy report, walk you through all your money options and keep it simple.

    Stress-Test Your Overall Retirement – Paychecks for Life

    Think of it this way – you’ve worked hard your entire life, you’re about ready to retire and now the burden shifts.  You go from collecting a paycheck to now having to create your own paycheck or multiple paychecks that must last for the rest of your life (and your spouse’s lifetime). In a sense, you are now becoming your own paycheck provider.

    Do we have enough money to retire safely and comfortably?

    How much of our retirement portfolio do we want protected from market losses?

    Do we know with any degree of certainty and mathematical precision how long our money is going to  last - 10, 20, or 30 years?

    If we do have a "leaky retirement boat"- How do we fix it? 


    If you would like to know the answers to any of these questions or have others that are important to you, just ask us a question via our secure contact form below and we’ll get back to you via email within 48 hours.  Tell us what’s on your mind and we’ll help point you in the right direction.  

    "What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."



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