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    Paul A. Coles II

    CEO | Principal Advisor

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    Alliance Wealth Advisors

    150 N. Main Street,
    Suite #202,
    Bountiful, Utah 84010



    (801) 683-6000

    (855) 799-6600

    (855) 798-6600

    Financial Services

    Estate | Tax | Financial

      Comprehensive | Coordinated | Independent | Wealth Management   

    Your wealth is the essence of your quality of life.  Its proper management determines your standard of living.  It sustains health, wellness, and comfort.  It affords you peace of mind and preserves your ability to live and give in meaningful ways.  It is also is far more complex than the sum of your assets.

    Alliance Wealth Advisors is a professional firm of CFPs, CPA's, Attorney's, Federal Employee Retirement Specialists, and more. Their team has changed the game of private wealth management by creating a comprehensive and coordinated private wealth management experience for each client. Alliance Wealth Advisor's CPA's, attorneys and Investment Advisors huddle around the same conference table to analyze a client's objectives, strategize over threats and solutions, bring into focus their planning and implement it with precision


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