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    Financial Services


    Vivien is an Income Planning Advisor has been actively involved in the insurance and related financial services industry since 2002. She helps individuals preserve protect and increase their assets and income keeping in mind that safety and guarantees are important today. Minimizing income taxes and estate transfer expenses on these assets where possible. She also helps individuals with long term care strategies. Vivien has a background in Architecture and believes that it has helped set the foundation for her to affect peoples lives grassroots one at a time on how pre-retirees and retirees plan for their retirement. She focuses on helping pre-retirees strategize to help reduce taxes and preserve their assets and increase their income. She shares new avenues to retirement security and freedom. New Ways To Provide Long Term Care Coverage Free Tax-Deferral of Compounding Interest Avoiding Probate At No Cost and How To Protect Principal From Stock Market Losses are some of her major concerns.She also offers guidance on 401K and IRA Distributions. After all when is the last time that you made a 100000 mistake and felt good about it Will Rogers said The problem is not the return ON your money but the return OF your money.Her commitment is to continually adjust to what people need for retirement security and independence.She uses a Retirement Rescue in Difficult Economic Times to empower families with the tools and simple steps that insure protection and peace of mind for their retirement funds. There are some very simple solutions that most people just dont know about. She emphasizes.As Lou Dobbs had said to people heading into the last phase of their career be adjusting their portfolios to prepare for retirement The focus obviously has to be on wealth preservation not accumulation. Because its a very difficult marketplace in which to gain wealth and a very easy market to lose it.Home is in Valley Village California with Husband Bong and two lovely kids and spending time with them to cultivate their relationships with each other and with other people and also appreciating life and nature. On her free time she educates and develop people on their leadership skills.
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