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    Investment Advisor Representative

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    Investment Advisor

    IRA technical analyst

    • Richard Loek, Rick, has coined the phrase “Recovering Software Engineer.” Rick designed and programmed software for many years before retiring from that industry. Rick’s passion is helping others with their financial puzzles. Rick has founded two firms to accomplish this, Calrima Financial & Insurance Agency and Onesta Wealth Management, LLC. Onesta is a registered investment advisor firm.
    • Calrima and Onesta is the exclusive provider or “The Five Key Elements of an Effective Financial Future.” With the five element program implemented people feel they have created their financial picture.
    • Rick is a member of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor group. To let you know who Ed Slott is… When the Wall Street Journal has questions about IRA’s 401k’s or pensions they call Ed. Ed is a CPA who has made it his mission to educate advisors about the challenges of retirement accounts. We are not talking about investing or how to lose (or make) money in your retirement accounts. We are talking about the complexity of the underlying structure and paperwork.
    • Rick is a bay area native the father of two grown children.
    • http://www.iXrayRetirement.com
    • http://www.calrima.com
    • http://www.OnestaWealth.com


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