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    Steven Netzel

    Full Service Financial Advisor

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    Netzel Financial

    10450 E Riggs Road Suite 101,
    Sun Lakes, AZ 85248



    (480) 219-0657

    (480) 275-2037

    Financial Services

    Retirement Income Specialist

    Steve Netzel, Independent Financial Advisor

    Working closely with retirees and investors for over 25 years, Steve Netzel has combined his experiences in the securities industry to offer a unique knowledge of asset preservation and growth opportunities. Steve is well-versed in the insurance arena, helping clients with needs like life insurance, annuities and long term care.

    Steve specializes in helping people just like you and he enjoys what he does. As a Full Service Financial Advisor, Steve knows that the crazy economic times we are experiencing and the recent market volatility has been extremely hard on many retirees. He has assisted thousands of retirees with protecting and growing the wealth they have worked so hard and long to obtain.

    Steve strives to help protect each individual couple and family against potential unforeseen and unwanted expenses. You can put your trust and belief in Steve Netzel. He will work to earn you a good return while protecting your money against market risk. Raised in Iowa and taught to live by the highest standards of ethics morals integrity and character, Steve stays actively involved in church and community. 

    Steve was recognized as a Financial Trendsetter in the 12.17.2012 issue of Newsweek Magazine.  He co-wrote a book with best selling author Brian Tracy. Steve was recognized as a Financial Trendsetter in the June 6th, 2013 issue of USA TODAY and has appeared on on KFNX talk radio. 


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