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    Scott D. McQuate

    President, CEO

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    Paxeon, LLC


    Financial Services

    Mortgage Acceleration


    President & CEO - Paxeon, LLC Websites: www.Paxeon.com Phone: 1-888-479-9086  Fax: 1-740-888-1333 Email Admin@Paxeon.com


    Working in the fields of Finance and Psychology for many years and having the opportunity to counsel hundreds of clients gave Dr. McQuate first-hand insight into the havoc that debt and a misunderstanding of money wreaks in nearly everyone's life. Since 1995 he has committed himself and his company to offering clients the finest and most powerful financial solutions available including Mortgage and Debt Acceleration as well as Investments with a proven history of success. If you would like to know how to pay off ALL of your debt including your 30-year mortgage in as few as 3 years without changing our spending simply attend a FREE webinar today by going to www.ULearn.us

    As the featured guest on dozens of radio programs, a lecturer and a published author several times over, Dr. McQuate has educated and entertained thousands of listeners and readers around the world.


    Proud member of the National Ethics Association.


    BA Psychology - Asbury College MSP Scriptural Psychology - Midwest Theological Seminary Ph D Scriptural Psychology - Walsingham University


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