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    Ron Sievers


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    Orange Insurance & Bonding


    (877) 288-6103

    Insurance Broker

    Start-ups, new business ventures, contractors and tradesman.


    Everything For Your Personal Life & Business Ventures...

    Orange Insurance is a full service agency and brokerage that will work with you on all aspects of your small business and personal insurance policies. We specialize in start-ups, new business ventures, contractors and tradesman. And best of all, we work with over 200 carriers in order to cover all of our client's needs.

    Business to Bond... Auto to Yacht... Home to Health...
    If you need coverage - we'll find it for you.

    We take the time and personal care to find the right insurance coverage for you by quoting multiple carriers so that you can get the best possible rates with the greatest protection - that goes for both individuals and small businesses.

    Orange is licensed in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Alaska, New Mexico, South Carolina and Florida - with more being added every month.

    Give us a chance to quote your policy - we guarantee that you will not be let down, and 99% of the time - we will save you money! Customer service is our priority.


    "Ron provided me with great customer service. He spent time listening to what I needed, explained all the options, then provided me with three plans to chose from. He was prompt and efficient with his follow-up and a pleasure to work with."
    + [ dtm, small business owner, Seattle, WA. ]

    "Ron, do you know how much you saved me?... $1,700!"
    + [ fr, homeowner, Las Cruces, NM. ]

    "THANK YOU so much for your quick turn around.  It enabled us to get a worker on Mark's site tommorow."
    + [ gm, certificate holder request, Lynnwood, WA. ]

    "Thank you for helping get (business name witheld) such a great deal."
    + [ ag, small business employee, Bellevue, WA. ]

    "I really appreciate your expertise."
    + [ hb, potential client, WA. ]

    "I really appreciate your hard work!! Thanks!!... Also I received a welcoming letter from your company along with a gift card. That was nice!"
    + [ er, small business client, WA. ]

    "Such wonderful customer service!!!"
    + [ rc, small business client, WA. ]

    "Thank You so much for being the best insurance agent ever."
    + [ rc, small business client, Kent, WA. ]

    "You work fast friend. I look forward to working with you."
    + [ dm, client, WA. ]

    "Thanks for taking the time to help me with the L&I."
    + [ sm, client, WA. ]

    "I know you've worked hard to make this work out and I really appreciate it." ... "Thank you very much, You've been invaluable throughout this entire process."
    + [ bb, small business client, WA. ]

    "PayPal! Can you make it any easier?"
    + [ jg, small business client, WA. ]

    "Just wanted to say thank you for the help with the insurance. You have saved us a lot of money. Look forward to working with you."
    + [ es, small business client, OR. ]

    "You don't always have to get back to me on weekends.....but I do appreciate it!"
    + [ sh, small business client, WA. ]

    "You're the man Ron...Thanks so much!"
    + [ lr, small business client, WA. ]

    "Yes, thanks! You are the most awesome agent ever."
    + [ rc, small business client, WA. ]

    "...you are always so prompt to take care of these things for me.  So thank you for being so professional (like always).  It makes my job so much easier!" "You have been wonderful and I have always appreciated your professionalism, prompt responses, and service."
    + [ gcm, small business client, Bellevue, WA. ]

    "I must tell you that I have never received a more complete and perfect affiliation packet."
    + [ b2b colleague, Seattle, WA. ]

    "Thank you so much; delivering excellent service as always!"
    + [ er, small business client, Everett, WA. ]

    "Ron, My mother always told me "you never get a second chance to make a first impression". I was so impressed by your forward thinking, your very efficient web site, and overall vision. We all know insurance isn’t sexy… YOU make it look good."
    + [ b2b colleague, Seattle, WA. ]

    "You are amazing and thank you so very much. Have a great weekend!"
    + [ rc, small business client, Kent, WA. ]

    "Thanks; for all the service, I'm impressed." "Appreciate all your follow-through."
    + [ jg, potential small business client, Vancouver, WA. ]

    "Cool! Sounds great! Thank you, you have a great weekend too!"
    + [ jk, small business client, Seattle, WA. ]


    Coming from a long line of small and successful businesses, Orange Insurance was developed in 2009 and officially launched in 2010.

    Started on the belief that insurance was becoming emotionless, Orange decided to do away with traditional faceless ideas and bring back that grand old tradition of "quality customer service". We are extremely forward thinking and quickly embrace new technology as it comes along, enhancing our goal to become an agency dedicated to changing the face of traditional insurance.

    We take the time and personal care to find the right coverage for you and your specific needs so that you can get the best possible rates with the greatest protection.

    Orange Insurance is licensed in eight states to help better serve our client's needs... Those states include Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Alaska, Florida, South Carolina and New Mexico (with more being added as the agency grows).


    The University of Iowa [Iowa City]

    Insurance (Full & Limited Lines):
    The University of Montana [Missoula]

    Continuing Education:
    Long-Term Care
    Anti-Money Laundering
    Commercial General Liability
    New Agency Employees
    Legal and Moral Issues
    Exchange Insurance Producer Training


    National Ethics Association

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    Want to become a force for good in business?
    Then commit yourself to treating your customers right.
    Taking the National Ethics Association Business Integrity Pledge is a great first step.