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    Blair I Aaronson


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    Retirement Thru Design


    Financial Services


    The mission statement of Retirement Thru Design started 11 years ago.  As a result of spending many years at Americas top rated financial firms, I came to the sad reality that sometimes getting the full facts vs. a lot of watered down corporate hype wrapped around a sales pitch, was close to impossible.  I personally am very disappointed at how the financial community has allowed Seniors to be fleeced from 40% of their lifetime savings by putting their earnings and bottom line in front of their fiduciary responsibilities.  This cost the Senior sector close to 1/2 trillion dollars of hard earned assets.  After being in the trenches for over 16 years when, once again in 2008 the market began its near 50% decline, it proved THOSE EQUITY heavy portfolios, whether it be Mutual Funds or Managed Funds, tanked with the market.  Sad truth, the fees continued to be paid.  This is the modern version of the Emperors New Clothes.  Ok, it was a quick 6 years to recover from the 2001-2002 Bear Market but the Wall Street Kool-Aid was flowing along as was evidenced by the heavy allocation of equities in Seniors portfolios.  Those who thought they were smarter this time only had to live it all over again to the tune of 50%.  Time for a little 5th grade math. When you lose 50% You need HOW MUCH to BREAK EVEN?  No, not 50% but 100%.  No problem,  you can do that easy!  Next lifetime perhaps!


    Blair Aaronson [CA Lic# OAO8553] has been helping Seniors reach their goals since 1985.  Over his 25 year career he has worked for the largest Brokerage Firms in the country in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Century City.  As well as working with several of Southern California's largest LAW firms that regularly refer their clients to Blair.  His concepts are straight ahead and have proven to be 100% effective during the most trying markets in the last 1/4 Century.  Blair is a Board Certified Estate Planner.


    Many available!  My clients love to tell others how happy and thankful they are!

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