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    David Donhoff

    Leverage Planner

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    Leverage Planners


    Financial Services

    Safety First, Reasonable Growth, Simple!


    David Donhoff is the founder and principal of Leverage Planners, the advisory division of No Bull Financial, LLC.  David graduated from San Diego State University with a double major in Business Administration, and Psychology, in 1987.  David grew up as a Southern California athlete and surfer, and played offensive center for the SDSU football team, and also tighthead prop the 1987 national collegiate champion SDSU rugby team.


    In 1989 Anthony Robbins hired Dave to expand his seminar business nationwide, and through 1994, Dave traveled the U.S. and Canada teaching business and financial principles to corporate and private groups at great demand, finally adopting Kirkland, Washington as his home for the past 22 years.  In 1996 Dave ran Northwest Hedge Partners as a private trading operation, and in 1997 launched No Bull Financial, LLC as a general financial services company.  Dave is proud to be an Approved Member of the National Ethics Association. 


    Dave and his wife Joanne are proud of their two boys;  26 year old son, Chenyang, and 6 year old son, Trinny.  As an accountant, Joanne enjoys counting the beans while Dave helps his clients MAKE, GROW and KEEP their beans (and sanity!)


    Leverage Planners, LLC, was established to help clients to avoid financial industry traps, and eliminate as much risk, distress and confusion as possible.  David Donhoff is diligent in helping customers achieve their long term financial objectives by utilizing financial products with guarantees against market loss.  David believes that honesty, integrity and the truth are more important than anything.


    National Producer #9045499
    WAOIC #700356, #700355

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