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    Juanita McKenna

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    Retirement & Financial Planning Services

    PO BOX 370142,
    El Paso, TX 79935


    (915) 373-5826

    (915) 373-5826

    (915) 799-0973

    Financial Services

    Federal Employees / Texas Educators


    Established and doing business in El Paso, Texas since 2000, Juanita McKenna is focused on helping families realize their financial aspirations.  Her mission is to provide financial education and planning.  She has a long record of recommending financial plans with solid growth over time.  In addition, she offers debt reduction and saving strategies that can transform a struggling household into a cash efficient family. 

    Retirement & Financial Planning Services

    "Retirement is a new beginning, not just the end of a career.  A careful analysis of how retirement will affect your lifestyle is essential.  Every retiree has a different set of circumstances and timing before that last day at work.  My role is to help you develop realistic goals and corresponding steps to actualize your retirement vision.

    "Your retirement analysis and plan should include the following elements:

    • The big picture of what your retirement income will look like
    • A spending plan that works with your new retirement income
    • Ways to avoid probate and protect principal from stock market losses
    • A guaranteed lifetime income component for a stress-free retirement
    • An emergency fund to cover unforeseen expenses
    • An inventory of benefits you can count on
    • A Will, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney
    • The process of filling out the required retirement paperwork
    • A system of organizing important financial records
    • Ongoing consultation before and after retirement

    "My mission is to help you worry less about money so you can focus your energy on more important things like seeing your retirement plan progress.  The list above includes some of the important topics that will prepare and empower you to make the best retirement decisions to protect your financial assets and your retirement lifestyle.

    "My retirement philosophy centers on safe and sensible financial practices.  Safe choices will guarantee income you can depend on.  There is only one way to guide and educate my clients--using tried and true financial principals that produce practical results.  There is so much noise out there about how to secure your future.  True and successful financial principals are often simple and recognizable.  Once you know what to do, it takes focused effort to accomplish your goals.  I'm here to help you along the way." 


    Bachelor of Science Texas AM University-Corpus Christi


    Certified Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant

    Licensed College Planning Relief® Specialist

    American Teacher Retirement Services


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