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    Mark D Kinney CFP

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    • Certified Background Checked - as of 5/23/2019

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    Kinney Wealth, Inc

    301 Edgewater Place,
    Suite 100,
    Wakefield, MA 01880



    (800) 651-2930

    Certified Financial Planner

    Investment Advisory

    Cited on CNN, Fox Business, NBC, ABC, CBS News, Forbes, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, & more...

    Since 1987, Mark has been addressing the unique challenges faced by those experiencing circumstances of "sudden wealth"....such as divorce, inheritance, business liquidations, and lump sum retirement plan distributions.  By minimizing risk exposure to the daily turbulent financial markets through the use of some of the industries most elite tactical private wealth managers, combined with non-market based strategies, client retirement income can be achieved in a more sustainable, repeatable, and verifiable manner.   

    This approach has resulted in significantly reduced downside risk, while providing highly asymmetrical returns during negative markets.

    With over 30 years experience, Mr. Kinney's insight into the universe of conservative and income generating investment options, has been invaluable to those approaching or currently enjoying their retirement years. 

    At it's core, our objective is "To protect, grow, and reduce taxes on our client's accumulated wealth."


    Certified Background Checked
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