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    CaMu Financial & Insurance Services Inc.


    Insurance and Financial Services

    Mary Mikhail serves as a Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF) & Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA) committed to working personally with clients to create market-safe, tax-free investment packages that meet their unique goals. She aims to provide clients with long-term profitability and consistent growth rather than short-term success, and she seeks to offer stability and constant income no matter the client’s situation. Mary Mikhail focuses on offering individuals the support needed to ensure that their savings and retirement funds are protected from the downside and only have the upside potential.
    Mary Mikhail encourages her clients to buy insurance policies to help them pay off their mortgage early, as opposed to buying mortgage insurance designed to do so after death. She also assists in finding alternative accounts for her client’s CDs and for their variable annuities accounts and universal life insurance. As a CFF & CRFA at CaMu Financial and Insurance Services, Inc., in Santa Clarita, California, Mary Mikhail is also responsible for hiring new employees and training them in the ethical and professional guidelines necessary for success in her field.
    Mary Mikhail recommends that her clients seek second opinions on any type of annuity account, as it may not be serving them optimally. Some common annuity accounts are IRAs, SEP-IRAs, CDs, savings, 401(k)s, TSAs, and TSPs. A truly well-modulated annuity account will boast features such as guaranteed life income as long as the client lives and a lump sum to be delivered to beneficiaries. Other features of a good annuity account include the ability to make tax deferred contributions and receive bonuses for every deposit to the account.
    In addition, it may be possible to access funds in a retirement account early, without paying the federal penalty, if the account meets certain qualifying conditions. Mary Mikhail can explore this option with interested clients. She also helps her clients with alternative options for CDs and high-risk variable annuity accounts, and other accounts such as rollover IRAs or Roth IRAs can be discussed as well. Mary Mikhail has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from California State University, Los Angeles. In addition to being a CFF & CRFA, she is a licensed notary public and a life agent.
    Mary Mikhail always educate her client about how save less and accomplish more for your retirement so you can enjoy living your life. Saving & retirement it's not about your contributions but it's about your account payout and how long it will last for you and your family.
    Mary always educating client on how to Save Less & Accomplish More so client can enjoy present life while savings for the future.
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