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    William Avon

    Business & Financial Strategist

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    • Certified Background Checked - as of 8/18/2017

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    William Avon Financial


    Insurance and Financial Services

    We focus on helping entrepreneurs with financial transformations in their business to increase cash flow and profitability so they can enjoy the lifestyle they are working to build instead of being a perpetual slave to their business.

    There are three primary areas we our expertise allows us to assist:The way we go about accomplishing this is through high-performance coaching, online training program, mentorship

    1. Protection: We represent a large array of personal and business insurance carrier to assist our clients with all their needs from auto insurance through business buy-sell agreement and have specialists who focus in the various areas.

    2. Business Credit and Funding: We live in a credit based society. Regardless of what level of "debt" you believe to be acceptable from none to fully leveraged, having a solid business credit profile under your "EIN" (Employer Identification Number) vs. your "SSN" Social Security Number, will save you money and allow you access to cash should you need it. 

    3. Accelerating Growth: This is my favorite part and passion! The way we go about accomplishing this is through high-performance coaching, online training programs, mentorship.  Business transformations to guide entrepreneurs from a hobby to a profitable endeavor or scaling an existing business up is what I love.

    Give us a call today and see how we are able to protect, fund and accelerate your business growth.

    252-558-0650 or visit us online at www.williamavon.com

    To Your Success,

    William Avon, LUTCF, LACP, RSMFC, RFC

    Certified Background Checked
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