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    Here you’ll find guidance and information on how to find a qualified and trustworthy businesses or professionals.

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    How to Right a Wrong

    By: on March 30th, 2013 • Comments: 0

    Most companies want to make you happy so you’ll come back and recommend them to your friends. But when you find a company that’s not making the grade, how do you resolve the problem?

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    Need a Lawyer? Judge for Yourself

    By: on February 22nd, 2013 • Comments: 0

    Going through a divorce? Launching a business? Hurt in a car accident? Writing a will? Facing a lawsuit? In any of these situations, you may consider hiring a lawyer to advise you or represent your interests. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers the following advice to help you be smart when you choose — and use — legal representation.

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