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    Reputation Management

    Sex Kills! The Reputation Lessons of Robert Filner, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, and . . . .

    By: Harry J. Lew, NEA Chief Content Officer on August 27th, 2013 • Comments: 0

    Most people know what sexual harassment is. They know that behaving in a sexual manner toward someone they work with—typically someone who doesn’t want that attention—is unethical and illegal. And responsible business owners, managers, and even politicians know it’s wrong to make suggestive comments to their employees, peers, and supporters, let alone touch them inappropriately.

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    Sales & Marketing

    Sleazy Salespeople: Six Ways to Smash the Mold and Build Trust Fast

    By: Harry J. Lew, NEA Chief Content Officer on August 22nd, 2013 • Comments: 0

    Think of the sleaziest salesperson you ever had the misfortune of knowing. Perhaps it was a stockbroker who kept calling you with hot tips while your dinner got cold. Or maybe it was an automobile salesperson who continually trotted out the phrase, “Let me run it by my manager.” And then there was the paid solicitor trying to raise money for your local police department who “guilted” you into giving to “the good guys.”

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    Business Ethics

    Five-Star Ethics: How to Outshine Your Competitors

    By: Harry J. Lew, NEA Chief Content Officer on August 5th, 2013 • Comments: 0

    You will only do what’s right if you’re convinced it’s right for you.
    To this end, we’d like you to engage with this article in real time. Your assignment: to draft what we call a 5-Star Ethics Policy.

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